The Mission of think.BDPST YLF

About the Young Leaders’ Forum

Innovation is the most important engine of development. Innovation is an idea that is successful in practice and brings social and economic benefits. Creativity, the ability to generate novel and useful ideas, is the seed of innovation, but, until implemented, it is still just an idea. To successfully realise the transfer of innovative ideas, one has to go through a long process replete with several obstacles to make his/her innovation attractive for others, too. It is crucially important to explore how we can adapt and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of modern societies. The aim of the think.BDPST Young Leaders’ Forum (YLF) is to give an opportunity to young and talented innovators from social, natural sciences, and legal studies to share their ideas and discuss the most important regional and global challenges, while also initiating a dialogue with each other.

The think.BDPST Young Leaders’ Forum features outstanding young professionals (aged 24-38) soon to become important actors and decision-makers in the fields of innovation, technology, digitalisation, e-Governance, environmental science or energy studies (focussing on topics, such as sustainable energy policies/ practices and/or energy efficiency and renewable energy), and other study areas connected to the current topics of YLF. YLF gathers young professionals from the V4 countries, CE region, and the EU who are active in the field of innovation, and provides them a platform where new innovative initiatives and ideas can be shared to implement new, innovative solutions and inventions. YLF connects experts from the fields of social sciences, legal studies, and natural sciences to create a bridge between these fields and help young decision makers to make their innovations more effective and better understand different aspects of current issues, trends, and challenges. At the same time, YLF makes it possible for these young professionals to improve their leadership potential and learn new skills that will make them more competitive in their fields of expertise.

The main purpose of YLF is to foster a lively dialogue and create a network among young innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, PhD researchers, policy experts active in public administration, and young professionals working at companies that are investing in innovative projects. During the four-day event, participants have the opportunity to exchange best practices, experience, ideas, and knowledge, and improve their skills through participating in panel discussions, seminars, and workshops.

Key Features of think.BDPST Young Leaders’ Forum 2021

The programme of YLF 2021 is focusing on issues connected to e-Governance, digitalisation, and renewable/ green energy. There are two main topics to be discussed in different formats during the forum: security challenges for e-Governance and green energy developments in the V4 region.

The first panel discussion of the programme is focussing on challenges connected to e-Governance and digital security, the available solutions and tools to tackle the existing and potentially emerging risks in this field, as well as current gaps and challenges.

The second part of the conference will bring together experts who will give an insight into renewable energy developments and planned future investments in the V4 region. The experts will also discuss the objectives of the European Union related to renewable energy and energy transition, as well as national strategies and priorities in the V4 countries.

As YLF aims at improving the leadership potential of our selected participants, therefore, the programme also includes workshops, seminars, and face-to-face/small group consultations with an expert to make it possible for participants to develop their leadership skills and gain more practical knowledge.

Interconnection with the think.BDPST 2021 Conference

The programme of YLF is designed to allow young leaders to attend selected panels of the concurrently held think.BDPST conference. This kind of interconnection gives the opportunity for YLF participants to meet prominent lecturers, decision-makers from the public policy and business sectors and NGOs, as well as high profile politicians and diplomats, take part actively in discussions with them, and engage in the Questions and Answers sessions of the debates.

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