Doris van Halem

Scientific Director
TU Delft Global Drinking Water Programme

Dr. ir. Doris van Halem is Associate Professor in drinking water treatment. Her research has an international orientation with an emphasis on understanding natural processes for the development of innovative, sustainable water technologies. As Scientific Director of TU Delft Global Drinking Water Programme, Dr. van Halem is in charge of drinking water research with and in the Global South.

Dr. van Halem obtained her PhD degree (cum laude) from the Delft University of Technology on the topic of subsurface iron and arsenic removal for drinking water supply in Bangladesh. Since then, Dr. van Halem has led a wide range of PhD projects, including bank filtration, nanofiltration, sand filtration and ceramic pot filters. Apart from research, she is also a dedicated teacher both on-campus in Delft and online through the Massive Open Online Course “Drinking Water Treatment” on to make water knowledge available around the world.

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