Dr Krisztina Ligetvári

Energy Efficiency Expert
ÉMI Non-profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building (Hungary)

Krisztina Ligetvári, PhD is an experienced energy efficiency policy expert with a fifteen year track record working in the government administration. She has practical experience in international relations, European Union policy making, policy analysis, energy efficiency, economic development and infrastructure-transport national strategies, plans and programmes, marketing strategy, PR/communication.

She worked with various organisations, including research institutions, universities and businesses to formulate strategies, programs and projects. Through this she had the opportunity to gain policymaking and analysis experience in the academic, private and public sectors at both the European Union (EU) level in Brussels and at the national level in Hungary and Malta.

She is also a water security expert. She obtained her PhD degree in March 2019 from the National University of Public Service, Doctoral School of Military Sciences, Budapest, Hungary. Her PhD research is dealing with ‘Freshwater scarcity as source of conflict and migration stimulator in the region of the Mediterranean Sea’, where she has been studying the security risks generated by water scarcity for almost a decade. The importance of the issue, in her opinion, has not been adequately recognised despite of several studies predicting that one of the greagreatest global challenges in the 21st century will be securing the supply of clean drinking water.

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The Future of Water as a Global Resource: The Role of Science, Technology and Innovation

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