Dr László Balatonyi

Senior Lecturer
National University of Public Service (Hungary)

LÁSZLÓ BALATONYI MSc in environmental expert who is graduated from the Pécs University of Natural Sciences in 2009. Since the graduation until 2014 he was working for the South-Transdanubian Water Directorate in the Flood Protection Department. In parallel he continued his studies on a PhD level on Geography Sciences. The objective of the doctoral thesis is focused on the small streams flood in SW Hungary, the flash floods. He finished his PhD in 2016.

For 6 years now he has been working for the General Directorate of Water Management (OVF) as Head of the Department for Flood Protection and now as the Head of the Urban Water Management Department.

The General Directorate of Water Management is an independently operating institute and a central government body under the direction and supervision of the Minister of Interior. The General Directorate of Water Management, - as a central governing body - supervises, coordinates and controls the professional activities of the water directorates (OVF is the responsible for the implementation of the WFD and WD).

He took active role in all major flood defense activities in the last 6 years (e.g. 2013 Danube flood; 2014 Drava flood, 2017 Danube ice events).

He is a senior lecturer in the University of Public Service faculty of Water Sciences and teaching the students to practice orientated subjects.

From 2019 he is the co-coordinator of the EU Strategy for Danube Region of the Environmental Risks priority area. The coordination of the Environmental Risks Priority Area (PA5) is managed by Hungary and Romania. The main focus of the work is to address the challenges of water scarcity and droughts in line with the Danube River Basin Management Plan, the report on the impacts of droughts in the Danube Basin in 2015 (due in 2016) and the ongoing work in the field of climate adaptation for the 14 Danube countries. Therefore, in the past few years EUSDR PA5 contributed to the elaboration of the ICPDR Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Update 2018, supported project elaboration and implementation in the field of drought management and climate change related spatial planning, disseminate scientific results to anticipate regional and local impacts of climate change through research. Flood risk management is also a significant target of the priority area. In order to achieve reduction of flood risk events EUSDR PA5 provides and enhance continuous support to the implementation of the Danube Flood Risk Management Plan. In case that these prevention measures are not effective enough, than disasters occur, therefore EUSDR PA5 supporting the assessment of disaster risks in the Danube Region, encouraging actions to promote disaster resilience, preparedness and response activities.

The University of Public Service of Hungary launches a Master of Arts Programme in International Water Governance and Water Diplomacy for the academic years of 2020. The two year MA Programme in International Water Governance and Water Diplomacy, started in September 2020, offers up-to-date, practice-oriented education for practicing and future water managers, diplomats, national and international civil servants engaged in transboundary or global environmental issues. Based on a blend of natural and social sciences, extensive field training and project-based team work, the Programme is aimed to enable students to master complex water policy challenges, decision and conflict situations.

Be a part of the real life on behalf of the Hungarian Governmental Water Management Service, daily communication with students and give more power to the technical issue on diplomacy level in the Danube Region.

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