Gábor Varga

National Technology Officer
Microsoft Hungary

Gábor Varga is an innovator who aspires to be at the forefront of IT trends that have societal impact. Recently Artificial Intelligence, earlier the Cloud business model kept him busy as he tried to comprehend their full structural impact on the economy and relay them to organizations that stood to benefit from them. Career journey includes Regulations&Compliance, Partner Management, Sales, Enterprise Architecture, Go-to-market Strategy, Product Marketing and Localisation. Graduated from Budapest University of Technology, holding an MBA from Purdue.


Gábor Varga is a longtime Microsoft employee who witnessed landmark events from the inside like the internet bubble or reorienting Microsoft’s business model from software to cloud.


He enjoys the intellectual challenge of making sense of the interplay of technology, society and business. He has a special interest in any field of science or art that appears to be intact from IT driven value creation, to disprove the assumption. He advocates data protection awareness and believes that privacy can be reconciled with modern technology.

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