Károly Solymár

Deputy State Secretary
Ministry of Innovation and Technology

From July 2013, Dr Balázs Solymár Károly has been Deputy State Secretary for Digitalisation at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. He studied at the ELTE Faculty of Law and was a member of the István Bibó College of Law,. He graduated in 2003 with a 'summa cum laude' law degree and, in 2010, took the bar exam. Throughout his career, he has worked at various levels of public administration to develop the information and communications sector. Previously working for the Ministry of IT and Communications, the Ministry of Economy and Transport and the Prime Minister's Office, he has gained over a decade of experience in regulatory, economic and development tasks in the infocommunication sector. Under his professional guidance, the digital economy, the development of the domestic information society, and the implementation of digital infrastructure and industrial policy are being implemented.

Károly Solymár's performances

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