Tibor Prievara

educator and blogger (Tanarblog.hu)

Tibor Prievara is an English teacher at Apáczai Csere János Secondary School and guest lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy at ELTE. He is the founder of #school, an e-learning solution, as well as the creative director of educational start-up E-studygroup. He was named Ambassador of Digital Pedagogy by the IVSZ association for digital economy and is also involved in HospitalSchool, a content development programme for hospitalised children. 

He is a regular presenter in conferences organised by Oxford University Press, IATEFL Hungary, has worked in a number of European projects (e.g. MELT Project and FICTUP), and has been involved in materials design for the Ministry of Education (competence-based and content-based projects for Hungarian high school students). He is author of a number of publications on the practical application of ICT in the classroom, a designer of e-learning materials (e.g. Interactive Headway Video – elementary, in association with Oxford University Press, over 500 teacher-training sessions and trainings both in Hungary and abroad, and has been nominated for the Prima Primissima Prize in 2020 (still in progress), recognising outstanding achievements in several fields of life. 

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