Who Can Apply?

Young professionals ready to shape the future and drive positive changes in the field of innovation are welcome to apply. YLF connects experts from the fields of social sciences, natural sciences, and legal studies to create a bridge between these fields and help young decision makers to make their innovations more effective and successful.

Age Limit: 24-38
Educational Background: MA, PhD (both for ongoing and finished)

DEADLINE OF APPLICATION: 30 August 2020, midnight CET

Application Requirements

  • Young professionals focusing on the above-mentioned topics, with experience in the fields of innovation, technology, social media, environmental science, water science, water management (private and public sector), and social sciences, natural sciences, legal studies connected to current topics of YLF
  • Working knowledge of English (C1)
  • Willingness to actively engage both in the programme of YLF and the think.BDPST conference, and participate in different on-line and off-line activities before and during YLF

To be considered for this programme, interested parties should submit their application with their up-to-date CV (one page, uploaded in PDF format, including the applicant’s age and nationality) by 30 August 2020, midnight CET.


During the application procedure, you have to fill out an online application form that includes questions such as:

  • Personal Information
  • Why would you describe yourself as a young leader?
  • What causes or activities are you passionate about aside from your work/research?
  • What does innovation mean to you?
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Please describe in a few sentences what you are planning to present during the elevator pitch.

Let us help. An elevator pitch is a short summary of an idea, product or plan that explains the concept in a way that any listener can understand in a short period of time. Your elevator pitch is a way to share your expertise and explain your new research plan/ idea/ initiative/ product quickly and effectively with people who do not know you. During YLF, a professional coach will help you to prepare for this pitch, however, right now we are curious about the idea you would like to share. This could be any kind of professional idea, connected to the main topics of YLF.

    • You have to choose to answer either one of the following questions:
      • How science, innovation and technology could shape the future of water as a global resource? Please mention two solutions/technologies that could address challenges associated with water, such as water scarcity, water pollution, etc. 
      • "Fake publications are corrupting the world of research and influencing real news.” What do you think about this statement? What are the impacts of fake news and disinformation on the public understanding of science?

What does YLF offer?

Scholarships are available for participants coming from the EU. Applications submitted by participants from the V4 countries enjoy priority during the evaluation as the Forum is focusing on the Central European region, however, applications from other EU countries are also welcome.

Participants coming from V4 and other EU countries have the opportunity to receive full scholarship that includes: accommodation with breakfast, lunch and travel costs. The type of the scholarships will be announced based on the candidates’ competences, professional achievements, and educational background (the Knowledge Centre will cover travel costs only for outstanding applicants). For Hungarian and foreign national participants residing in Budapest, the scholarship does not automatically include breakfast and accommodation.

Participants coming from other countries have the opportunity to get partial scholarship that includes: accommodation with breakfast and lunch. All selected participants will attend the think.BDPST conference to be held on 1-2 October. 

The recruitment for this programme will be conducted on a competitive basis. All applicants will be notified about the results via e-mail. 

NOTE: Information related to COVID-19

Due to an increase in infections, the Hungarian Government put in place new restrictions on international travel. Countries are now classified as red, yellow and green (based on the severity of the situation in each), with different rules for each category. Before submitting your application, we kindly ask you to check here the current classification of your country. Please kindly note that applications are only accepted from countries classified “green”. We kindly call your attention that the status of Canada and Portugal has recently changed. The Hungarian Government will continually monitor infection data from abroad, therefore we recommend you to monitor the latest news on this website.

Deadline for application: 30 August 2020, midnight CET

Application is available here.

For further information, please contact: ylf@think.bdpst.org



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